What about me ??

For the first time since I started blogging, i.e two years ago, I’m going to write a post in english. So, if I make syntax mistakes or grammatical ones, please don’t be severe with me 😦

This post is a little bit special, that’s why I’ve decided to write it in english. 

As it’s said it in french,  » En anglais, même les mots les plus dérisoires sont lourds de sens … «  

This is it !!

By observing people all around me and also by asking to myself so many questions (that I usually don’t got the answers), I’ve arrived to the conclusion that our entire life turn around the pursuit of happiness. You know, this feeling that can be brought by ordinary things, just like getting a promotion, a new job, having a baby, falling in love, achieving a (great) project which was expected for a long time.

But, in this search of happiness, we can distinguish two kinds of people : the leaders and the followers. The people I call leaders are those who (apparently) have succeeded in their life, have got all the stuffs they wanted to get, are mothers/fathers, have smart kids and so on … Having them as friends can be much more irritating, becoz they are all the time (voluntary or not) showing their success.

Whether you like it or not, you envy them secretly. And that’s the second type of people that I was talking about : the followers. Those who are usually the leaders’ friends, who have the feeling that they have accomplished nothing in their life and are always complaining : « What about me? Has God forgotten me? Like everybody around me … « 

After having done a comparaison between the two groups of people, the analysis I can make consists in knowing that we are not equal. Even if we are all human beings, we’ve been created by God, we’re not equal in front of Him.

And instead of being envious, or even jealous of somebody else’s happiness, we must know its his/her destiny, in the same way that we have ours. The way that things occur to other people cannot occur in the same way for all of us. And also something very important that I’m always telling to myself :  » These people are they really hapy? I’m sure that there is a certain gap in their lives that they cannot fill too …  » After that, I feel so much better, because I know that a day will come …

J.O.S.E (Jealous One Still Envy) isn’t good peeps !! It kills quicker than alcohol or drugs, I’m tellin’ y’all !! Think about it and keep your heads up ^^

To finish, I want to share with y’all this quote of Chuck Swindoll :   » God never forgets anything He promises. That’s right…never. God’s agenda continues to unfold right on schedule, even when there is not a shred of evidence that He remembers. Even when the most extreme events transpire and  » life just doesn’t seem fair,  » God is there, carrying out His providential plan exactly as He pre-arranged it. He keeps His word. « 

One Love ❤



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