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Hair Care

Just some sentences about this hair that I am so proud to got

Shoutout to all my sistas who have chosen to let their hair grow naturally, despite of all the critics and all the bad opinions


So much they care

About my hair

As if I wasn’t standing there

Before they’ve even asked my name

They’ve sizing up my massive mane

Or judging by my lack of discipline

So much things that I’m not

A little box

I’m crowded in

A label now upon my skin

So much they missed

And all because

My hair was not

Like their hair was

But a ballerina with no bun

Is not a sky without a bun

So whatever be upon your head

A Blond Tupee, or Tar toned Dreads

May they see you for who you are

And care what lies within your heart

Love ❤



2 commentaires sur « Hair Care »

  1. One word : genius.
    NFK I’m blessed for being able to say proudly that you’re my friend, sister & adviser very soon when the whole world knows the treasure you simply are…

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